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Iceland Volcano Lookout Point


VObaSU is the new lookout point of the Hverfjall Volcano

VObaSU is the acronym of VOLCANO balance SUGGESTION. Its shape is long and narrow and rests in balance on the edge of the volcano, arranged along the radius of the enormous circumference. Its shape is very suggestive for the visitor because it consists of two large cantilevered structures: one projects towards the crater, the other towards its external cone. This creates unprecedented observation points capable of enhancing the visual emotions generated by the amazing surrounding landscape.

VObaSU  is placed on the path at the edge of the crater, but does not interrupt it. It consists of a system of ramps that lead the visitor to two positions that rise above the volcano, increasing the 360-degree view.

VObaSU has a shiny steel skin that reflects the volcano and the great sky above it like a mirror. It blends and vibrates with them, changing color with the hours of the day and night. With the passing of the seasons.

VObaSU consists of a steel system consisting of a central castle structure with four pillars anchored to a foundation slab. Connected to it are two large overhangs of 25 meters consisting of spatial reticular beams that project onto the surrounding void. The choice of steel allows for the creation of a light and ductile structure, capable of large overhangs.

VObaSU is entirely built in steel. Structure and finishes are made of steel. This allows an assembly of the primary and secondary components in the factory. In addition, the steel subject to the double protection of galvanizing and painting guarantees excellent durability and low maintenance even in hostile environments. Finally, the component assembly technique makes the intervention completely reversible and recyclable, restoring the natural environment as it was before the intervention.

Iceland is a country full of bold contrasts of shapes and colors. VObaSU with its angular acrobatics, its mirrored sparkle, and its structural audacity represents a new piece in "harmonious conflict" with a landscape forged by the powerful forces of natureā€¦ and today also from those of man. Ma non dimentichiamoci che VObaSU